Fine prints are now available !

I’m very excited to announce that for the first time, some prints in my gallery are now available for purchase.

Why selling prints now ? Because many of you have been asking for prints over the past 3 years and the raising cost of maintaining and adding more contents to this site. My original goal was to create a non-commercial resource site for book collectors like me and it has evolved into something that I had not expected.

 A resource of inspiration for the artists, illustrators and many others from different part of the world. The scope has changed and I realized that some of you just want a nice and unusual print to decorate your home. At the same time help to support this site. I hope the few prints sold a month will help to cover part of the cost of maintaining this site.

You can be assure that you’ll be getting the finest print quality possible. Not the poor quality, washed-out colors, lost of details due to the bad source and cropped prints offer by other sites like, and so on. The quality can easily be seen, by comparing the images side by side w/ the ones on my site.

Giclée prints offer the highest digital printing quality you can find currently, suitable for museum or Art gallery display. The print and are processed individually from the best source available by a professional print shop for each order. Please note that these are not cheap posters type prints, but fine print that looks almost like the original watercolors of the early years and will look great when framed.

Please visit my gallery and enjoy the sight.

Thank you in advance for your support.

-Minh Lai

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