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Arthur Rackham - Tales of Mystery and Imagination Edgar A. Poe 1935 E-mail
Written by Minh Lai   
Saturday, 23 May 2009 06:20

Arthur rackham - Tales Mystery and ImaginationArthur Rackham is perhaps the most well-known Golden Age book illustrator, famous for his fairy tales and children's book illustrations. But in this latest addition to our gallery, it is anything but a children's book. In this late period of his career, he has taken the path that very few illustrators have travelled before, the illustration of the dark and gloomy Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Alan Poe. As you can see, his illustrations are less detailed and delicate than many of his early illustrations, but nonetheless exquisite in its execution and presentation of the tales.


You can also see and compare Arthur Rackham's work with the illustrations of the same tales done by Harry Clarke. Although Clarke's work is far superior and the is best illustrated book done for Poe's Tales. Rackham's illustrations has a certain whimsical and almost comedic quality to lighten up the dark side of the stories, the mice's view of the pendulum, a bit of fun and all entertainment. Enjoy.