Kay Nielsen Portrait

Kay Nielsen Biography

Nielsen, Kay - Danish Illustrator, 1886-1957 Kay Nieslen When Kay Nielsen died in California in 1957, he was virtually penniless and forgotten. From the height of his career as a celebrated illustrator of fairy tales, he had seemingly fallen into obscurity at the close of his life. But since his

N.C. Wyeth Ca1920

N.C. Wyeth (Newell Conyers) Biography

Wyeth, N.C. - American Illustrator 1882-1945 N.C. Wyeth Portrait WYETH, N. C. AMERICAN ILLUSTRATOR, 1882-1945. Howard Pyle's most famous pupil and closest follower, Newell Conyers Wyeth (known professionally by his initials) had an artistic personality quite distinct, in style and substance, from the Master's. Raised on a Massachusetts farm staked

Walter Crane

Walter Crane Biography

CRANE, WALTER - English Illustrator and Author, 1845-1915 Walter Crane Walter Crane was the first of the grand triumvirate in children’s book illustration who worked under the tute­lage of the English printer Edmund Evans. Crane, the son of an artist, developed his artistic talents from an early age and at

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