Marcia Brown

Marcia Brown Biography

Marcia Brown - American Author and Illustrator 1918-2015 Marcia Brown Of the thirty books Marcia Brown has writ­ten, translated, and illustrated, three have won Caldecott Medals and six have been named Caldecott Honor Books, an unprecedented achievement and proof of her success in por­traying the spirit of a story; Brown

Steven Kellogg

Steven Kellogg Biography

Steven Kellogg - American Illustrator & Author 1941- Steven Kellogg Steven Kellogg has loved “telling stories on paper” his whole life. As a boy growing up in Darien, Connecticut, he used that phrase to describe a favorite activity: he entertained his younger sisters by telling them stories and draw­ing illustrations

Jan Brett

Jan Brett Biography

Jan Brett - American Illustrator & Author 1949- Jan Brett A book illus­trated by Jan Brett is many things: Vivid, rich, lavish; filled with attention to detail; often humorous. Indeed, each page created by this artist is so lush with colorful objects, large and small, that it tells an entertaining

James Daugherty

James Daugherty Biography

James Daugherty - American Illustrator and Author 1889-1974 James Daugherty James Daugherty is primarily remem­bered for his inspired expression of the Ameri­can spirit in both visual and literary form, a spirit characterized by appreciation for the heroes of democracy and the affirmation of Manifest Destiny. James Daugherty confessed that his

Leslie Brooke

Leonard Leslie Brooke Biography

Leonard Leslie Brooke - British Illustrator and Author 1862-1940 Leonard Leslie Brooke, whose droll pen- and-ink line drawings, enchanting watercolor illustrations, and beloved books about Johnny Crow and his friends have delighted generations of children and the grownups who read to them, was educated in his native Cheshire and later

Paula Danzinger

Paula Danzinger Biography

Paula Denzinger - American Author 1944-2004 Paula Danzinger As a teenager, Paula Danziger read The Catcher in the Rye (J. D. Salinger) repeatedly because it reassured her that she “wasn’t alone.” As an adult, her best-selling young adult novels have engendered that re­sponse in junior high-age readers since the pub­lication

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