Ed Young

Ed Young Biography

Ed Young - Chinese-American Illustrator 1931- Ed Young Mice, elephants, wolves, and rabbits are among the many animals brought vividly to life by picture book illustrator Ed Young, whose career began with lunch-hour sketches at New York’s Central Park Zoo. A former architecture student, Young switched to art, graduating from

Joyce William

William Joyce Biography

William Joyce - American Author, Illustrator and Filmmaker 1959- William Joyce J. R. R. Tolkien spoke of the “cauldron of story.” If ever there were a “cauldron of illustra­tion,” William Joyce would be its master chef. William Joyce, who resides in Louisiana, was educated at Southern Methodist University and sold

Jane Yolen

Jane Yolen Biography

Jane Yolen - American Author 1939- Jane Yolen With a confident writing style and inexhaustible imagina­tion, Jane Yolen has proven herself one of the most prolific and diverse creators in the field of children’s literature. Born in New York City, Jane Yolen spent her early years in Virginia and California

Ruth Krauss

Ruth Krauss Biography

Ruth Ida Krauss - American Poet and Author 1901-1993 Inspired by the experimental atmosphere in child development circles during the 1940s and 1950s, Ruth Krauss created simple stories and poetry for young children. Best known for her classic picture book, The Carrot Seed (1944), illustrated by her husband, Crockett Johnson,

Marcia Brown

Marcia Brown Biography

Marcia Brown - American Author and Illustrator 1918-2015 Marcia Brown Of the thirty books Marcia Brown has writ­ten, translated, and illustrated, three have won Caldecott Medals and six have been named Caldecott Honor Books, an unprecedented achievement and proof of her success in por­traying the spirit of a story; Brown

Steven Kellogg

Steven Kellogg Biography

Steven Kellogg - American Illustrator & Author 1941- Steven Kellogg Steven Kellogg has loved “telling stories on paper” his whole life. As a boy growing up in Darien, Connecticut, he used that phrase to describe a favorite activity: he entertained his younger sisters by telling them stories and draw­ing illustrations

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