General questions

What is ?

Well, it’s a typo for noclue, someone already took the domain before it came to my head that’s a good name for my project. It’s a project born out of the passion for old children’s book that I’ve collected over the last 10 years. I just want to share some these amazing artworks from the great Golden Age illustrators that I love.

Sadly, many of these books are no longer in print; too expensive to acquire or totally unknown for the majority of the younger book readers. The project started as a resource for book collectors like me, but over the past few year, it has evolved into a creative source for artists, students and many others.

Where can I find the books presented on your site ?

The most natural place is and You can still find some of these books in your local used bookstore. I love the later, it’s more fun to browse and have a book on-hand than buying something online and not sure of how it looks until it gets in your hands. At the same time, you are supporting these small businesses which was much driven out by the advent of the Internet and the mega online bookstores.

I love these images, can I have them all ?

No, you cannot !! You are free to take any images you like and use it for non-commercial purpose. But please don’t use any tools to do the mirroring/site scraping. There are thousands of images and I only have limited bandwidth and resources on my shared hosting.

I do get a few of these site scrapers a few days or so and it brought my site to a crawl. Many of these images are generated dynamically and in doing so, you are killing my site. Please don’t do it or you will be banned without any warnings.

I love your site and want to help out !

Presently, the easiest way you can help out is to link from your own site and spread the words. Those who are collectors and have some books to share/donate to the project please fell free to contact me.

Also, you can help us out by buying a print.

Can I have the images without the watermark for non-commercial purpose ?

Please fell free to contact me with a list of images (3 max) that you would like to have without the watermark. I’ll try to get it to you as soon as time permit. As for hi-res images, I do not release it. Due to the number of requests, my lack of time and the size of each image.

I’ve released a large part of my hi-res images to the for onsite perusals. Please fell free to visit and help them out.

I like this picture, how can I get a print ?

You can order a print direcly from the gallery. For the prints are are not available to order, they are either still under copyright or the quality is not good enough to my standard and I need to re-scan the image to bring it to museum’s quality.

I’m pissed, the images are public domains and you have no rights to profit from it or put those annoying watermarks on !#@

The main goal of this project is to share my passion for the Art of the Golden Age of Illustration. As rare as it is, I do get a few e-mails from one of those users who think I should work for them for free. First, the images are in public domain and I’m free do do what I want with it. I spent an enormous amount of time, scanning, editing each of the images presented, therefore I can do what I want with it.

This site has taken an enormous amount time and of work by an individual who like to share the love of children’s book. The hundreds of hours scanning and editing. Years of searches and a large amount of money to acquire those rare books for your enjoyments. So if you don’t like it, please fell free to go elsewhere or do your own. You are not paying my bills.

I have this book, print, original artworks. Can you tell me how much it is worth ?

For the most part, you can find out the value of your book by searching current and past auctions on Ebay. It will give you a more realistic idea of what it is worth on the current market.

If you cannot find it on Ebay, is also good place. Price does fluctuates wildly on Examine the condition of your book carefully, match it with the few cheapest price that you see to make an average price and cut 30% off that price. It’s typically what you can sell it for on Ebay, perhaps more on a good day.

If you decide to sell it to a books dealer, they will pay you about 1/2 the market price. Perhaps a bit more if it’s extremely rare and they have an existing buyer for it.