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  • Author: Michael Grant
  • Publisher: Folio Society, London, 1998
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Condition: Fine
  • Size: 8vo
  • Attributes: First Edition

First Folio Society edition. Fine in fine Slipcase.

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Nero ruled from 54 A.D. to 68, focusing much of his attention on diplomacy, trade, and increasing the cultural capital of the empire. He ordered the building of theatres and promoted athletic games. His reign included a successful Roman-Parthian War of 58–63 and negotiated peace with the Parthian Empire (Greater Iran), the suppression of the British revolt (60–61) and improving relations with Greece. In 68 a military coup drove Nero into hiding. Facing execution, he reportedly committed forced suicide.

  • The contents include:
  • Nero Comes to the Throne
  • Nero’s Mother in Charge
  • Nero and His Helpers
  • The Death of Agrippina
  • Expansion and Exploration
  • New Advisers and a New Wife
  • The Great Fire and the Christians
  • The Golden House: Art and Luxury
  • The Official Image of Nero
  • The Upper-Class Backlash
  • Rebellion and Triumph

Together with many maps:- The Roman Empire A.D. 68; The Region of Rome; The Region of Naples; Britain; The East; Egypt and Beyond; Rome

Plan of the Golden House; Judea; Greece and Macedonia.

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