Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings – Joel Chandler Harris 1911


  • Author: Joel Chandler Harris
  • Publisher: D. Appleton & Co., NY 1911
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Condition: Good
  • Size: 8vo
  • Attributes: First Edition, Illustrated

An early edition of this classic.Decorated red cloth, rubbed, spine sunfaded, few smudges on the board, front hinge tender, internally fine, unmarked. Profusely illustrated by Arthur B. Frost. Overall a Good or better copy.

“Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings” is another collection of African-American folktales compiled and written by Joel Chandler Harris. Published in 1880, it is a continuation of the stories introduced in Harris’s earlier book, “Uncle Remus.”

Similar to the first book, “Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings” is framed as a series of tales told by the character Uncle Remus to a young boy named John. However, this particular collection focuses more on the songs and linguistic expressions of the African-American community in the rural American South.

The book presents a rich tapestry of songs, proverbs, and dialectal sayings that were prevalent during that era. Uncle Remus shares traditional African-American songs, often incorporating animal characters from the folklore, which reflect the rhythms and melodies of African musical traditions.

“Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings” further emphasizes the importance of preserving and celebrating African-American cultural heritage. By documenting and sharing these songs and linguistic expressions, Harris sought to honor and highlight the contributions of African-Americans to American literature and folklore.

While the book has been recognized for its cultural significance and contributions to African-American studies, it is important to acknowledge that it has also been criticized for perpetuating racial stereotypes and for the portrayal of Uncle Remus as a subservient character.

Overall, “Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings” offers readers a deeper immersion into the linguistic and musical traditions of the African-American community, providing valuable insights into their history, customs, and artistic expressions.

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