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Charles Robinson – Illustrations for Margaret’s Book 1913

Charles Robinson (1870–1937) was a prolific British book illustrator. Born in Islington in October 1870, London, he was the son of an illustrator and his brothers Thomas Heath Robinson and William Heath Robinson also became illustrators. The first full book he illustrated was Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of

collard british01

Derek Collard – Illustrations for British Fairy Tales

I don't usually post illustrations from books published later than the 1930s. Since I primarily dedicate my work to the early Golden Age illustrators. But at times, I stumbled upon some works that are too compelling to ignore, with amazing illustrations that I have to post. Such is the work

carley bird05

Cayley Robinson – Illustrations for Blue Bird 1911

Frederick Cayley Robinson (18 August 1862 – 4 January 1927) was an English painter, decorator and illustrator. He is perhaps best known for his series of paintings for the Middlesex Hospital entitled Acts of Mercy commissioned around 1915 and completed in 1920. Typically, Frederick Cayley Robinson paintings are deliberately flat compositions

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