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Jessie Wilcox Smith – Illustrations for At the Back of the North Wind 1919

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Jessie Wilcox Smith (September 6, 1863 – May 3, 1935) was one of the most prominent female illustrators in the United States during the Golden Age of American illustration. She was a prolific contributor to respected books and magazines during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She illustrated stories and articles for clients such as Century, Collier’s Weekly, Leslie’s Weekly, Harper’s, McClure’s, Scribners, and the Ladies’ Home Journal.

At the Back of the North Wind is a children’s book written by Scottish author George MacDonald. It was serialized in the children’s magazine Good Words for the Young beginning in 1868 and was published in book form in 1871.

It is a fantasy centered on a boy named Diamond and his adventures with the North Wind. Diamond travels together with the mysterious Lady North Wind through the nights. The book includes the fairy tale Little Daylight, which has been pulled out as an independent work, or separately, added to other collections of his fairy tales.

Presenting the First edition of At the back of the North WInd, with illustrations by Jessie Wilcox Smiith. Published by McKay, New York, 1919.

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Art Gallery: Jessie Wilcox Smith – At the Back of the North Wind 1919

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