Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J. Maas Biography

Sarah J. Maas Sarah J. Maas (1986 -), a powerhouse in the realm of fantasy fiction, captivates readers with her immersive worlds, rich characters, and gripping storytelling. Born on March 5, 1986, in New York City, Maas showed an early passion for writing, crafting tales that transported her beyond the

Author Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher Biography

Jim Butcher Jim Butcher is an American author best known for his fantasy and urban fantasy novels, particularly the Dresden Files series featuring the wizard and private investigator Harry Dresden. Born on October 26, 1971, in Independence, Missouri, Butcher developed a passion for storytelling and writing at an early age.

Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley Biography

Aldous Huxley - English writer and philosopher 1894-1963 Aldous Huxley Aldous Leonard Huxley was born in Godalming, Surrey, on July 26, 1894, the third son of Leonard and Julia Arnold Huxley. It was a family of surpass­ing intellect and accomplishment. His father was a well-known writer, a Greek scholar, and

Herman Melville

Herman Melville Biography

Herman Melville - American Novelist, Poet 1819-1891 Herman Melville Herman Melville was borm in New York on August 1, 1819, two months after Walt Whitman. His father, Allan, was a Boston merchant who had moved to the big city to see if he could improve his fortunes. Un­fortunately, this was

Jerry Pinkney

Jerry Pinkney Biography

Jerry Pinkney - American Illustrator and writer of children's books 1939- Jerry Pinkney Jerry Pinkney, American illustrator, b. 1939. Born in Philadel­phia, Jerry Pinkney drew constantly and was recognized as a talented child in school. His parents encouraged him to pursue his talent. As a boy of about twelve, he

James Fenimore Cooper

James Fenimore Cooper Biography

James Fenimore Cooper - American writer 1789-1851 James Fenimore Cooper James Fenimore Cooper was born September 15, 1789, in Burlington, New Jersey, which thirteen years earlier had been invaded by the Hes­sians and twelve years earlier had been bom­barded by the British. But bygones were now bygones, and Cooper rode

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