Honor Charlotte Appleton - Watercolour Water Babies

Honor C. Appleton Biography

Honor C. Appleton - British illustrator 1879-1951 Honor Charlotte. Appleton, born on 4 February 1879 in Brighton, one of four children, Honor C. Appleton painted watercolours while she was still a young girl. She attended the Art branch of the Kensington Schools before going to Frank Calderon’s School of Animal

Jon Scieszka

Jon Scieszka Biography

Jon Scieszka - American author, b. 1954 Jon Scieszka enters clas­sic fairy tales, turns them upside down, and exits with a smirk What remains is hilarious buffoonery within these energetic, yet sophisticated parodies. Born in Flint, Michigan, and raised in a large family, Jon Scieszka was educated at Albion College

paul zelinsky

Paul O. Zelinsky Biography

Paul O. Zelinsky - American illustrator, b. 1953. Paul O. Zelinsky Paul O. Zelinsky was born in Evanston, Illinois. His father, a college professor, taught in various places, so the family moved often; Zelinsky, forced to make new friends, found that his pre­dilection for drawing made him the “class artist”

hillary knight

Hilary Knight Biography

Hilary Knight - American writer and artist, b 1926 Hilary Knight Although the pos­sessive phrase “Kay Thompson’s Eloise” appears on the front cover of the Eloise books, it would be hard to imagine the stories of the little girl who lives in New York’s Plaza Hotel being half as successful

roger duvoisin

Roger Duvoisin Biography

Roger Duvoisin - Swiss-born American author and illustra­tor, 1904-1980 Roger Duvoisin The internationally popular books by Roger Antoine Duvoisin are praised for the author’s skillful art and writing and his sure sense of what delights children. A prolific children’s book creator, Duvoisin created over forty of his own books and

Yoshiko Uchida

Yoshiko Uchida Biography

Yoshiko Uchida - American author and author-illustrator, 1921-199 Yoshiko Uchida Yoshiko Uchida, author of more than twenty-five books for children, was born in Alameda and grew up in Berkeley, California, where she attended the Uni­versity of California. During her senior year of college, in 1942, Uchida and her family, along

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