Richard Doyle

Richard Doyle Biography

Richard Doyle - British illustrator (1824-1883) Richard Doyle Richard Doyle (1824-1883) was bom in London into a large and talented family. (His nephew was to become Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes). Tutored by his father, John Doyle, a celebrated Irish graphic satirist, ‘Dicky’ drew from childhood with

Chris Raschka

Chris Raschka Biography

Chris Raschka - American illustrator and author, b. 1959 Chris Raschka’s bright colors and ener­getic characters have established him as one of today's foremost children’s book creators. The son of history professors, Raschka was always drawing as a child. Though he majored in biol­ogy at Saint Olaf’s College in Northfield,

Florence Kate Upton

Florence Kate Upton Biography

Florence Kate Upton - English Illustrator and Author (1873-1922) Florence Kate Upton Although Florence Kate Upton (1873-1922) was born in New York, her parents always considered England their home. Her father, Thomas Harborough Upton, was an artist who emi­grated to the United States where he married Bertha Hudson (1849-1912), the

Edward Lear

Edward Lear Biography

Edward Lear - English artist, illustrator, musician, author and poet. (1812-1888) Edward Lear (1866) Edward Lear (1812-1888) was born in London. As the youngest of a large family he was obliged to support himself as a com­mercial artist by the age of fifteen. At nineteen, he became a draughtsman at

George Cruikshank

George Cruikshank Biography

George Cruikshank - British caricaturist and book illustrator (1792-1878) George Cruikshank George Cruikshank (1792-1878) was born in London. He had little formal education and no specialized art training beyond serving an apprenticeship to his father, Isaac, a hack engraver whose early death precipitated George’s prolific and varied career. While his

Charles Hhenry Bennett

Charles Henry Bennett Biography

Charles Henry Bennett - British Illustrator (1828-1867) Charles Henry Bennett Charles Henry Bennett (1829-1867) was born in Covent Gar­den, London. To provide inspiration and models for some of his best art, he later recalled from childhood the highly indi­vidualized faces of the crowds who frequented the open market place. Bennett

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