Dorothy P. Lathrop – Tales from the Enchanted Isles 1926

lathrop-enchanted02Dorothy P. Lathrop is one of the most influential and important illustrators of children’s books in the thirties and forties. She illustrated the Newbery Medal winning  Hitty, Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field in 1930, arguably her most famous work and it is still in print today.

In 1937, Dorothy P. Lathrop illustrated Animals of the Bible and was awarded the first Caldelcott Medal, she continued to illustrate and wrote many children’s book until the 60s. One of my favorite is Tales from the Enchanted Isles by Ethel May Gate, first published by Yale University Press in 1926 that I’ve the pleasure to present to you today. You can also view one of her early work, A Little Boy Lost, previously published in our gallery.


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