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Nebula Award for Best Novel Winners

Nebula Award
Nebula Award

The Nebula Award for Best Novel is given each year by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) for science fiction or fantasy novels.

A work of fiction is defined by the organization as a novel if it is 40,000 words or longer; awards are also given out for pieces of shorter lengths in the categories of short story, novelette, and novella. To be eligible for Nebula Award consideration a novel must be published in English in the United States.

Works published in English elsewhere in the world are also eligible provided they are released on either a website or in an electronic edition. The Nebula Award for Best Novel has been awarded annually since 1966. Novels which were expanded forms of previously published short stories are eligible, as are novellas published by themselves if the author requests them to be considered as a novel.

The award has been described as one of “the most important of the American science fiction awards” and “the science-fiction and fantasy equivalent” of the Emmy Awards.

Nebula Award for Best Novel Winners

* Winner

YearAuthorNovelPublisher or publication
1966Frank Herbert*DuneChilton Company
Clifford D. SimakAll Flesh is GrassDoubleday
Theodore L. ThomasThe CloneBerkley Books
Kate Wilhelm
Philip K. DickDr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the BombAce Books
James WhiteThe Escape OrbitAce Books
Thomas M. DischThe GenocidesBerkley Books
William S. BurroughsNova ExpressGrove Press
Keith LaumerA Plague of DemonsBerkley Books
Avram DavidsonRogue DragonAce Books
G. C. EdmondsonThe Ship That Sailed the Time StreamAce Books
Poul AndersonThe Star FoxDoubleday
Philip K. DickThe Three Stigmata of Palmer EldritchDoubleday
1967Samuel R. Delany*Babel-17Ace Books
Daniel Keyes*Flowers for AlgernonHarcourt
Robert A. HeinleinThe Moon Is a Harsh MistressPutnam Publishing Group
1968Samuel R. Delany*The Einstein IntersectionAce Books
Piers AnthonyChthonBallantine Books
Hayden HowardThe Eskimo InvasionBallantine Books
Roger ZelaznyLord of LightDoubleday
Robert SilverbergThornsBallantine Books
1969Alexei Panshin*Rite of PassageAce Books
James BlishBlack EasterDoubleday
Philip K. DickDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?Doubleday
Robert SilverbergThe Masks of TimeBallantine Books
R. A. LaffertyPast MasterAce Books
Joanna RussPicnic on ParadiseAce Books
John BrunnerStand on ZanzibarDoubleday
1970Ursula K. Le Guin*The Left Hand of DarknessAce Books
Norman SpinradBug Jack BarronAvon
Roger ZelaznyIsle of the DeadAce Books
John BrunnerThe Jagged OrbitAce Books
Kurt VonnegutSlaughterhouse-FiveDelacorte Press
Robert Silverberg Up the LineBallantine Books
1971Larry Niven*RingworldBallantine Books
Joanna RussAnd Chaos DiedAce Books
R. A. LaffertyFourth MansionsAce Books
David G. ComptonThe Steel CrocodileAce Books
Robert SilverbergTower of GlassCharles Scribner's Sons
Wilson TuckerThe Year of the Quiet SunAce Books
1972Robert Silverberg*A Time of ChangesGalaxy Science Fiction
Poul AndersonThe ByworlderFantastic
R. A. LaffertyThe Devil is DeadAvon Publications
T. J. BassHalf Past HumanBallantine Books
Ursula K. Le GuinThe Lathe of HeavenAmazing Stories
Kate WilhelmMargaret and ILittle, Brown and Company
1973Isaac Asimov*The Gods ThemselvesGalaxy Science Fiction
Robert SilverbergThe Book of SkullsCharles Scribner's Sons
Robert SilverbergDying InsideGalaxy Science Fiction
Norman SpinradThe Iron DreamAvon
John BrunnerThe Sheep Look UpHarper & Row
George Alec EffingerWhat Entropy Means to MeDoubleday
David GerroldWhen HARLIE Was OneBallantine Books
1974Arthur C. Clarke*Rendezvous with RamaGalaxy Science Fiction
Thomas PynchonGravity's RainbowViking Press
David GerroldThe Man Who Folded HimselfRandom House
Poul AndersonThe People of the WindAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
Robert A. HeinleinTime Enough for LovePutnam Publishing Group
1975Ursula K. Le Guin*The DispossessedHarper & Row
Thomas M. Disch334Avon
Philip K. DickFlow My Tears, the Policeman SaidDoubleday
T. J. BassThe GodwhaleBallantine Books
1976Joe Haldeman*The Forever WarSt. Martin's Press
Arthur Byron CoverAutumn AngelsPyramid Books
Tanith LeeThe BirthgraveDAW Books
Alfred BesterThe Computer ConnectionAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
Samuel R. DelanyDhalgrenBantam Books
Roger ZelaznyDoorways in the SandAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
Ian WatsonThe EmbeddingCharles Scribner's Sons
Vonda N. McIntyreThe Exile WaitingNelson Doubleday
Joanna RussThe Female ManBantam Books
Michael BishopA Funeral for the Eyes of FireBallantine Books
Barry N. MalzbergGuernica NightBobbs-Merrill Company
Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Heritage of HasturDAW Books
Italo CalvinoInvisible CitiesHarcourt Brace Jovanovich
Poul AndersonA Midsummer TempestDoubleday
Katherine MacLeanThe Missing ManBerkley Books
Larry Niven/Jerry PournelleThe Mote in God's EyeSimon & Schuster
E. L. DoctorowRagtimeRandom House
Robert SilverbergThe Stochastic ManThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
1977Frederik Pohl*Man PlusThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Larry NivenInfernoPocket Books
Jerry Pournelle
Marta RandallIslandsPyramid Books
Robert SilverbergShadrach in the FurnaceBobbs-Merrill Company
Samuel R. DelanyTritonBantam Books
Kate WilhelmWhere Late the Sweet Birds SangHarper & Row
1978Frederik Pohl*GatewayGalaxy Science Fiction
Terry CarrCirqueBobbs-Merrill Company
Gregory BenfordIn the Ocean of NightDial Press
David GerroldMoonstar OdysseyNew American Library
Richard A. LupoffSword of the DemonHarper & Row
1979Vonda N. McIntyre*DreamsnakeHoughton Mifflin
Tom ReamyBlind VoicesBerkley Books
C. J. CherryhThe Faded Sun: KesrithGalaxy Science Fiction
Gore VidalKalkiRandom House
Gardner DozoisStrangersBerkley Books
1980Arthur C. Clarke*The Fountains of ParadiseHarcourt Brace Jovanovich
Frederik PohlJemSt. Martin's Press
Kate WilhelmJuniper TimeHarper & Row
Thomas M. DischOn Wings of SongThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Richard CowperThe Road to CorlayPocket Books
John VarleyTitanBerkley Books
1981Gregory Benford*TimescapeSimon & Schuster
Frederik PohlBeyond the Blue Event HorizonDel Rey Books
Walter TevisMockingbirdDoubleday
Robert StallmanThe OrphanPocket Books
Gene WolfeThe Shadow of the TorturerSimon & Schuster
Joan D. VingeThe Snow QueenDial Press
1982Gene Wolfe*The Claw of the ConciliatorTimescape Books
John CrowleyLittle, BigBantam Books
Julian MayThe Many-Colored LandHoughton Mifflin
A. A. AttanasioRadixWilliam Morrow and Company
Russell HobanRiddley WalkerSummit Books
Suzy McKee CharnasThe Vampire TapestrySimon & Schuster
1983Michael Bishop*No Enemy But TimeTimescape Books
Isaac AsimovFoundation's EdgeDoubleday
Robert A. HeinleinFridayHolt, Rinehart & Winston
Brian AldissHelliconia SpringAtheneum Books
Gene WolfeThe Sword of the LictorTimescape Books
Philip K. DickThe Transmigration of Timothy ArcherTimescape Books
1984David Brin*Startide RisingBantam Books
Gregory BenfordAgainst InfinityTimescape Books
Gene WolfeThe Citadel of the AutarchTimescape Books
Jack VanceLyonesseBerkley Books
R. A. MacAvoyTea with the Black DragonBantam Books
Norman SpinradThe Void Captain's TaleTimescape Books
1985William Gibson*NeuromancerAce Books
Lewis ShinerFronteraBaen Books
Larry NivenThe Integral TreesDel Rey Books
Robert A. HeinleinJob: A Comedy of JusticeDel Rey Books
Jack DannThe Man Who MeltedBluejay Books
Kim Stanley RobinsonThe Wild ShoreAce Books
1986Orson Scott Card*Ender's GameTor Books
Greg BearBlood MusicArbor House
Tim PowersDinner at Deviant's PalaceAce Books
Brian AldissHelliconia WinterAtheneum Books
David BrinThe PostmanBantam Spectra
Barry N. MalzbergThe Remaking of Sigmund FreudDel Rey Books
Bruce SterlingSchismatrixArbor House
1987Orson Scott Card*Speaker for the DeadTor Books
William GibsonCount ZeroAsimov's Science Fiction
Gene WolfeFree Live FreeTor Books
Margaret AtwoodThe Handmaid's TaleHoughton Mifflin
Leigh KennedyThe Journal of Nicholas the AmericanAtlantic Monthly Press
James K. MorrowThis is the Way the World EndsHenry Holt and Company
1988Pat Murphy*The Falling WomanTor Books
Greg BearThe Forge of GodTor Books
Gene WolfeSoldier of the MistTor Books
David BrinThe Uplift WarBantam Spectra
Avram DavidsonVergil in AvernoDoubleday
George Alec EffingerWhen Gravity FailsArbor House
1989Lois McMaster Bujold*Falling FreeAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
Lewis ShinerDeserted Cities of the HeartDoubleday Foundation
George TurnerDrowning TowersArbor House
Gregory BenfordGreat Sky RiverBantam Spectra
William GibsonMona Lisa OverdriveBantam Spectra
Orson Scott CardRed ProphetTor Books
Gene WolfeThe Urth of the New SunTor Books
1990Elizabeth Ann Scarborough*The Healer's WarDoubleday Foundation
Poul AndersonThe Boat of a Million YearsTor Books
Orson Scott CardPrentice AlvinTor Books
John KesselGood News From Outer SpaceTor Books
Mike ResnickIvory: A Legend of Past and FutureTor Books
Jane YolenSister Light, Sister DarkTor Books
1991Ursula K. Le Guin*Tehanu: The Last Book of EarthseaMacmillan Publishers
Valerie MartinMary ReillyDoubleday Foundation
James K. MorrowOnly Begotten DaughterDoubleday
Dan SimmonsThe Fall of HyperionWilliam Morrow and Company
John E. StithRedshift RendezvousAce Books
Jane YolenWhite JennaTor Books
1992Michael Swanwick*Stations of the TideAsimov's Science Fiction
John BarnesOrbital ResonanceTor Books
Lois McMaster BujoldBarrayarAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
Emma BullBone DanceAce Books
Pat CadiganSynnersBantam Spectra
Bruce Sterling/William GibsonThe Difference EngineBantam Spectra
1993Connie Willis*Doomsday BookBantam Spectra
John BarnesA Million Open DoorsTor Books
Karen Joy FowlerSarah CanaryHenry Holt and Company
Maureen F. McHughChina Mountain ZhangTor Books
Vernor VingeA Fire Upon the DeepTor Books
Jane YolenBriar RoseTor Books
1994Kim Stanley Robinson*Red MarsBantam Spectra
Kevin J. AndersonAssemblers of InfinityAnalog Science Fiction and Fact
Doug Beason
Algis BudrysHard LandingFantasy & Science Fiction
Nancy KressBeggars in SpainMorrow AvoNova
Gene WolfeNightside the Long SunTor Books
1995Greg Bear*Moving MarsTor Books
Octavia E. ButlerParable of the SowerFour Walls Eight Windows
Jonathan LethemGun, with Occasional MusicHarcourt Brace
James K. MorrowTowing JehovahHarcourt Brace
Rachel PollackTemporary AgencySt. Martin's Press
Kim Stanley RobinsonGreen MarsBantam Spectra
Roger ZelaznyA Night in the Lonesome OctoberMorrow AvoNova
1996Robert J. Sawyer*The Terminal ExperimentHarperPrism
John BarnesMother of StormsTor Books
Nancy KressBeggars and ChoosersTor Books
Paul ParkCelestisTor Books
Walter Jon WilliamsMetropolitanHarperPrism
Gene WolfeCalde of the Long SunTor Books
1997Nicola Griffith*Slow RiverDel Rey Books
Nina Kiriki HoffmanThe Silent Strength of StonesAvoNova
Patricia A. McKillipWinter RoseAce Books
Tim PowersExpiration DateTor Books
Robert J. SawyerStarplexAnalog Science Fiction and Fact
Neal StephensonThe Diamond AgeBantam Spectra
1998Vonda N. McIntyre*The Moon and the SunPocket Books
Lois McMaster BujoldMemoryBaen Books
Kate ElliottKing's DragonDAW Books
George R. R. MartinA Game of ThronesBantam Spectra
Jack McDevittAncient ShoresHarperPrism
Walter Jon WilliamsCity on FireHarperPrism
Connie WillisBellwetherBantam Spectra
1999Joe Haldeman*Forever PeaceAce Books
Catherine AsaroThe Last HawkTor Books
Jack McDevittMoonfallHarperPrism
Harry TurtledoveHow Few RemainDel Rey Books
Martha WellsThe Death of the NecromancerAvon
Connie WillisTo Say Nothing of the DogBantam Spectra
2000Octavia E. Butler*Parable of the TalentsSeven Stories Press
Ken MacLeodThe Cassini DivisionTor Books
George R. R. MartinA Clash of KingsBantam Spectra
Maureen F. McHughMission ChildAvon Eos
Sean StewartMockingbirdAce Books
Vernor VingeA Deepness in the SkyTor Books
2001Greg Bear*Darwin's RadioDel Rey Books
Lois McMaster BujoldA Civil CampaignBaen Books
Kathleen Ann GoonanCrescent City RhapsodyAvon Eos
Nalo HopkinsonMidnight RobberWarner Aspect
Jack McDevittInfinity BeachHarperPrism
Charles de LintForests of the HeartTor Books
2002Catherine Asaro*The Quantum RoseTor Books
Jeffrey CarverEternity's EndTor Books
Geoffrey A. LandisMars CrossingTor Books
George R. R. MartinA Storm of SwordsBantam Spectra
Wil McCarthyThe CollapsiumDel Rey Books
Patricia A. McKillipThe Tower at Stony WoodAce Books
Tim PowersDeclareSubterranean Press
Connie WillisPassageBantam Books
2003Neil Gaiman*American GodsWilliam Morrow and Company
Kelley EskridgeSolitaireEos
Ursula K. Le GuinThe Other WindHarcourt
Robert A. MetzgerPicoverseAce Books
China MiévillePerdido Street StationDel Rey Books
Michael SwanwickBones of the EarthEos
2004Elizabeth Moon*The Speed of DarkBallantine Books
Lois McMaster BujoldDiplomatic ImmunityBaen Books
Carol EmshwillerThe MountSmall Beer Press
Kathleen Ann GoonanLight MusicEos
Nalo HopkinsonThe Salt RoadsWarner
Jack McDevittChindiAce Books
2005Lois McMaster Bujold*Paladin of SoulsEos
Cory DoctorowDown and Out in the Magic KingdomTor Books
Jack McDevittOmegaAce Books
David MitchellCloud AtlasRandom House
Sean StewartPerfect CircleSmall Beer Press
Gene WolfeThe KnightTor Books
2006Joe Haldeman*CamouflageAnalog Science Fiction and Fact
Susanna ClarkeJonathan Strange & Mr NorrellBloomsbury Publishing
Jack McDevittPolarisAce Books
Terry PratchettGoing PostalHarperCollins
Geoff RymanAirSt. Martin's Press
John C. WrightOrphans of ChaosTor Books
2007Jack McDevitt*SeekerAce Books
Ellen KushnerThe Privilege of the SwordBantam Spectra
Jeffrey FordThe Girl in the GlassHarperCollins
Jo WaltonFarthingTor Books
Richard BowesFrom the Files of the Time RangersGolden Gryphon Press
Wil McCarthyTo Crush the MoonBantam Spectra
2008Michael Chabon*The Yiddish Policemen's UnionHarperCollins
Jack McDevittOdysseyAce Books
Joe HaldemanThe Accidental Time MachineAce Books
Nalo HopkinsonThe New Moon's ArmsWarner
Tobias S. BuckellRagamuffinTor Books
2009Ursula K. Le Guin*PowersHarcourt
Cory DoctorowLittle BrotherTor Books
Jack McDevittCauldronAce Books
Ian McDonaldBrasylPyr Books
Terry PratchettMaking MoneyHarper
David J. SchwartzSuperpowersThree Rivers Press
2010Paolo Bacigalupi*The Windup GirlNight Shade Books
Christopher BarzakThe Love We Share Without KnowingBantam Books
Laura Anne GilmanFlesh and FirePocket Books
China MiévilleThe City & the CityDel Rey Books
Cherie PriestBoneshakerTor Books
Jeff VanderMeerFinchUnderland Press
2011Connie Willis*Blackout/All ClearBantam Spectra
M. K. HobsonThe Native StarBantam Spectra
N. K. JemisinThe Hundred Thousand KingdomsOrbit Books
Mary Robinette KowalShades of Milk and HoneyTor Books
Jack McDevittEchoAce Books
Nnedi OkoraforWho Fears DeathDAW Books
2012Jo Walton*Among OthersTor Books
China MiévilleEmbassytownSubterranean Press
Jack McDevittFirebirdAce Books
Kameron HurleyGod's WarNight Shade Books
Genevieve ValentineMechanique: a Tale of the Circus TresaultiPrime Books
N. K. JemisinThe Kingdom of GodsOrbit Books
2013Kim Stanley Robinson*2312Orbit Books
Saladin AhmedThrone of the Crescent MoonDAW Books
Tina ConnollyIronskinTor Books
N. K. JemisinThe Killing MoonOrbit Books
Caitlín R. KiernanThe Drowning GirlRoc Books
Mary Robinette KowalGlamour in GlassTor Books
2014Ann Leckie*Ancillary JusticeOrbit Books
Karen Joy FowlerWe Are All Completely Beside OurselvesMarian Wood Books
Neil GaimanThe Ocean at the End of the LaneWilliam Morrow and Company
Charles E. GannonFire with FireBaen Books
Nicola GriffithHildFarrar, Straus and Giroux
Linda NagataThe Red: First LightMythic Island Press
Sofia SamatarA Stranger in OlondriaSmall Beer Press
Helene WeckerThe Golem and the JinniHarper
2015Jeff VanderMeer*AnnihilationFarrar, Straus and Giroux
Katherine AddisonThe Goblin EmperorTor Books
Charles E. GannonTrial by FireBaen Books
Ann LeckieAncillary SwordOrbit Books
Cixin LiuThe Three-Body ProblemTor Books
Jack McDevittComing HomeAce Books
2016Naomi Novik*UprootedDel Rey Books
Ann LeckieAncillary MercyOrbit Books
Lawrence M. SchoenBarsk: The Elephants' GraveyardTor Books
N. K. JemisinThe Fifth SeasonOrbit Books
Ken LiuThe Grace of KingsSaga Press
Charles E. GannonRaising CaineBaen Books
Fran WildeUpdraftTor Books
2017Charlie Jane Anders*All the Birds in the SkyTor Books, Titan Books
Mishell BakerBorderlineSaga Press
N. K. JemisinThe Obelisk GateOrbit Books
Yoon Ha LeeNinefox GambitSolaris Books
Nisi ShawlEverfairTor Books
2018N. K. Jemisin*The Stone SkyOrbit Books
Lara Elena DonnellyAmberloughTor Books
Theodora GossThe Strange Case of the Alchemist's DaughterSaga Press
Daryl GregorySpoonbendersAlfred A. Knopf, Riverrun Books
Mur LaffertySix WakesOrbit Books
Fonda LeeJade CityOrbit Books
Annalee NewitzAutonomousTor Books, Orbit Books
2019Mary Robinette Kowal*The Calculating StarsTor Books
Sam J. MillerBlackfish CityEcco Press, Orbit UK
R. F. KuangThe Poppy WarHarper Voyager
Naomi NovikSpinning SilverDel Rey Books, Macmillan Publishers
Rebecca RoanhorseTrail of LightningSaga Press
C. L. Publishing
2020Sarah PinskerA Song for a New Day Berkley Press
Charles E. GannonMarque of CaineBaen Books
Alix E. HarrowThe Ten Thousand Doors of January Orbit Books
Arkady MartineA Memory Called EmpireTor Books
Silvia Moreno-GarciaGods of Jade and ShadowDel Rey Books, Jo Fletcher Books
Tamsyn MuirGideon the Publishing
2021Martha WellsNetwork EffectTor Books
Susanna ClarkePiranesiBloomsbury Publishing
N. K. JemisinThe City We BecameOrbit Books
Silvia Moreno-GarciaMexican GothicDel Rey Books
C. L. PolkThe Midnight BargainErewhon Books
Rebecca RoanhorseBlack SunSaga Press
2022P. Djèlí ClarkA Master of Publishing
C. L. ClarkThe UnbrokenOrbit Books
S. B. DivyaMachinehoodSaga Press
Arkady MartineA Desolation Called Publishing
Jason SanfordPlague BirdsApex
2023R. F. KuangBabel: Or the Necessity of Violence: An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators' RevolutionHarper Voyager
Travis BaldreeLegends & LattesCryptid Press, Tor Books
Nicola GriffithSpearTordotcom
Ursula Vernon (as T. Kingfisher)Nettle and BoneTor Books, Titan Books
Tamsyn MuirNona the NinthTordotcom
Ray NaylerThe Mountain in the SeaMCD, Weidenfeld & Nicolson

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