Top 10 Golden Age Book Illustrators

Picking the 10 best and most influential Golden Age book illustrators is both a fun and a daunting task. How to chose among thousands of illustrators, what criteria to base my selection on, etc. …

So I tried to make it easy for myself by picking among the illustrators I am familiar with. That I do have enough have enough of their books in my library to look at their range of works and made the decision based on their talents, influence and range of works.

Of course, the choice is highly subjective and based on my own observations. Not all of them are children’s book illustrators, but all of them are pure genius in their own rights.

Here are the list:

  1. Aubrey Beardsley
  2. Arthur Rackham
  3. John Tenniel
  4. Kay Nielsen
  5. William Heath Robinson
  6. Jessie M.King
  7. Harry Clarke
  8. Maxfield Parrish
  9. Mabel Lucie Attwell
  10. W. W. Denslow

Please fell free to add comments or suggestions to the list.


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