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Nancy Drew #7 Clue in the Diary – First Edition Identification Guide

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The Clue in the Diary is the seventh volume in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series, and was first published in 1932 under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene. Its text was revised in 1962.

This is the last manuscript Mildred Wirt Benson wrote in her initial run. She would return for volume 11, The Clue of the Broken Locket, and remain with the series until 1948, then return for a final ghostwrite in 1953.

Summaries (original edition)

Nancy and her friends Bess and George, on their way home from a carnival, discuss a financially struggling Swedish immigrant, Mrs. Swenson, and her daughter, whom the girls have just helped to enjoy the carnival attractions by being their hosts for the evening.

As they are driving, a luxurious roadside estate bursts into flames. The girls park the car and make sure that no one is trapped inside. In doing so, Nancy sees someone fleeing the property, and discovers an anonymous Swedish diary on the ground. She picks up this clue, and as firefighters and gawkers arrive on the scene, she notices an attractive young man moving her car away from the flying embers. At first suspicious of Ned Nickerson, Nancy warms to him when he helps her out of a jam. Ned proves to be a good friend, and is a perennial admirer of Nancy’s from then on. Meanwhile, Mrs. Swenson’s husband is missing, and she identifies his diary as the one picked up at the fire. To top it all off, the owner of the burned house, Felix Raybolt, is missing, and his wife claims Joe Swenson has murdered her husband. Raybolt, it turns out, swindles inventors like Swenson out of their patents and copyrights, and used one such invention to start the fire.

Nancy Drew #7 The Clue in the Diary First Edition Book Identification Points

Only the first few printings of the first/second year are included. Printings codes are based on the Farrah Guide, 12th printing. Please refer to the guide for later printings.

Note: Glossy+: Glossy frontis + 3 glossy internals.

How to Identify Nancy Drew - The Clue in the Diary First Edition Guide
PrintingFrontisCopyright PageRear Book Ads
1932A-1Glossy+Nancy Drew #1-7This isn't all (box)/Nancy Drew #1-7
1932B-2Glossy+Nancy Drew #1-8This isn't all (box)/Nancy Drew #1-7
1932C-3Glossy+Nancy Drew #1-8This isn't all (box)
1932D-4Glossy+Nancy Drew #1-8This isn't all (box)/Nancy Drew #1-8

Nancy Drew #7 The Clue in the Diary First Edition Dust Jacket Identification Points

ao: Among other titles.

How to Identify Nancy Drew - The Clue in the Diary First Edition Dust Jacket
PrintingFront FlapRear CoverRear FlapReverse/InsideFormat
1932-A1Nancy Drew #1-6Amy Bell Marlowe(10)Blythe Girls #1-11Nancy Drew #1-5 ao1
1932B-2Blythe Girls #1-11Nancy Drew #1-5Outdoor Girls #1-21Nancy Drew #1-5 ao2
1932C-3Blythe Girls #1-11Nancy Drew #1-5Outdoor Girls #1-21Nancy Drew #1-7 ao?
1932D-4Blythe Girls #1-12Nancy Drew #1-6Outdoor Girls #1-22Nancy Drew #1-7 ao3
Nancy Drew 07 Clue In The Diary 1932A-1
First edition Dust Jacket Identification Points for Nancy Drew 07 – Clue in the Diary 1932A-1


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