Bedford, F.D. – Illustrated Book Checklist

F.D. Bedford.  РIllustrated Book Checklist

Gould, S. B. Old Country Life Methuen 1890
—- The Deserts of Southern France Methuen 1894
Homer The Battle of the Frogs and Mice Methuen 1894
Gould, S. B. Old English Fairy Tales Methuen 1895
—- A Book of Nursery Rhymes Methuen 1897
Goldsmith, O. The Vicar of Wakefield Dent 1898
Thackeray, W. M. The History of Henry Esmond Dent 1898
Lucas, E. V. The Book of Shops Richards 1899
—- Four and Twenty Toilers Richards 1900
Troutbeck, G. E. Westminster Abbey Methuen 1900
Lucas, E. V. The Visit to London Methuen 1902
Clinch, G. Kent Methuen 1903
Gilbert, A. The ‘Original Poems’ and others Wells Gardner 1903
Roscoe, E. S. Buckinghamshire Methuen 1903
Clinch, G. The Isle of Wight Methuen 1904
Field, L. Two are Company Wells Gardner 1905
Lucas, E. V. Old Fashioned Tales Wells Gardner 1905
Bedford, F. D. A Night of Wonders Richards 1906
Lucas, E. V. Forgotten Tales of Long Ago Wells Gardner 1906
—- Book of Verses for Children Wells Gardner 1907
—- Another Book of Verses for Children Wells Gardner 1907
—- Runaways and Castaways Wells Gardner 1908
Barrie, J. M. Peter Pan and Wendy Hodder & Stoughton 1911
Langbridge, R. The Land of the Ever Young S.P.C.K. 1920
Dickens, C. The Magic Fishbone Warne 1921
MacDonald, G. Billy Barnicote 1923
—- At the Back of the North Wind Macmillan 1924
—- The Princess and the Goblin Macmillan 1926
Dickens, C. The Cricket on the Hearth Warne 1927
Macdonald, G. M. Count Billy Dent 1928
Stevens, F. L. Through Merrie England Warne 1928
Dickens, C. A Christmas Carol 1931
Kelman, J. H. Stories from the Life of Christ Nelson n.d.

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