Charles Buckles Falls – The Goldenrod Fairy Book 1903


Charles Buckles Falls, American artist, illustrator and designer. Charles Falls was known for the posters he designed for the Victory book campaigns in World War I and World War II. He also was a designer of stage sets as well as costumes, fabrics, and rugs. He was a lithographer and an etcher, he also wrote and illustrated many children’s books.

I was quite busy the last few months and did not have time to add anything new to my site. Here is another beautiful Fairy Tales book, illustrated by a lesser known illustrator, Charles Buckles Fall. The Golderod Fairy Book was first published by Dodd & Mead, NY 1903. It’s clear from the illustrations that it’s one his earliest works. Poor colors balance, weak composition and they lacks the bold lines of this later works. I’ll be posting another book from a later part of his career so you can see the evolution of his works. Enjoy.

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