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Hugo Award for Best Novel Winners

Hugo Award
Hugo Award

The Hugo Award for Best Novel is one of the Hugo Awards given each year for science fiction or fantasy stories published or translated into English during the previous calendar year. The novel award is available for works of fiction of 40,000 words or more; awards are also given out in the short story, novelette, and novella categories. The Hugo Awards have been described as “a fine showcase for speculative fiction” and “the best known literary award for science fiction writing”.

The award is administered by the World Science Fiction Society. It is named after Hugo Gernsback, the founder of the pioneering science fiction magazine Amazing Stories. Hugos were first given in 1953, at the 11th World Science Fiction Convention, and have been awarded every year since 1955.

Hugo Award for Best Novel Winners

YearAuthor(s)NovelPublisher or publication
1953Alfred Bester* The Demolished ManGalaxy Science Fiction (Jan, Feb, Mar 1952); Shasta, 1951
1955Mark Clifton/Frank Riley*They'd Rather Be Right (also known as The Forever Machine)Astounding Science-Fiction (Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov 1954)
1956Robert A. Heinlein*Double StarAstounding Science-Fiction (Feb, Mar, Apr 1956)
Eric Frank RussellCall Him Dead (also known as Three to Conquer)Astounding Science-Fiction
Isaac AsimovThe End of EternityDoubleday
Cyril M. KornbluthNot This AugustDoubleday
Leigh BrackettThe Long TomorrowDoubleday
1958Fritz Leiber* The Big TimeGalaxy Science Fiction (Mar,Apr 1958)
1959James Blish*A Case of ConscienceBallantine Books
Poul AndersonWe Have Fed Our Sea (also known as The Enemy Stars)Astounding Science-Fiction
Algis BudrysWho?Pyramid Books
Robert A. HeinleinHave Space Suit — Will TravelThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Robert SheckleyTime Killer (also known as Immortality, Inc.)Galaxy Science Fiction
1960Robert A. Heinlein*Starship TroopersThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (Oct, Nov 1959); Putnam, 1959
Gordon R. DicksonDorsai! (also known as The Genetic General)Astounding Science-Fiction
Murray LeinsterThe Pirates of Ersatz (also known as The Pirates of Zan)Astounding Science-Fiction
Mark PhillipsThat Sweet Little Old Lady (also known as Brain Twister)Astounding Science-Fiction
Kurt Vonnegut The Sirens of TitanDell Publishing
1961Walter M. Miller, Jr.*A Canticle for LeibowitzJ. B. Lippincott & Co.
Poul AndersonThe High CrusadeAstounding Science-Fiction
Algis BudrysRogue MoonThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Harry HarrisonDeathworldAstounding Science-Fiction
Theodore SturgeonVenus Plus XPyramid Books
1962Robert A. HeinleinStranger in a Strange LandPutnam Publishing Group
Daniel F. GalouyeDark UniverseBantam Books
Harry HarrisonPlanet of the Damned (also known as Sense of Obligation)Analog Science Fact & Fiction
Clifford D. Simak The Fisherman (also known as Time is the Simplest Thing)Analog Science Fact & Fiction
James WhiteSecond EndingFantastic
1963Philip K. DickThe Man in the High CastlePutnam Publishing Group
Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Sword of AldonesAce Books
Arthur C. ClarkeA Fall of MoondustHarcourt Trade Publishers
H. Beam PiperLittle FuzzyAvon Publications
Jean Bruller (French)[a]SylvaPutnam Publishing Group
Rita Barisse (translator)[a]
1964Clifford D. Simak* Here Gather the Stars (also known as Way Station)Galaxy Science Fiction
Robert A. HeinleinGlory RoadThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Andre Norton Witch WorldAce Books
Frank Herbert Dune World[b]Analog Science Fact & Fiction
Kurt Vonnegut Cat's CradleHolt, Rinehart and Winston
1965Fritz LeiberThe WandererBallantine Books
John BrunnerThe Whole ManBallantine Books
Edgar PangbornDavyBallantine Books
Cordwainer SmithThe Planet Buyer (also known as The Boy Who Bought Old Earth)Pyramid Books
1966Frank HerbertDuneChilton Company
Roger Zelazny...And Call Me Conrad (also known as This Immortal)The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
John BrunnerThe Squares of the CityBallantine Books
Robert A. HeinleinThe Moon Is a Harsh MistressIf
Edward E. SmithSkylark DuQuesneIf
1967Robert A. HeinleinThe Moon Is a Harsh MistressG. P. Putnam's Sons
Samuel R. DelanyBabel-17Ace Books
Randall GarrettToo Many MagiciansAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
Daniel KeyesFlowers for AlgernonHarcourt Trade Publishers
James H. SchmitzThe Witches of KarresChilton Company
Thomas Burnett SwannDay of the MinotaurAce Books
1968Roger ZelaznyLord of LightDoubleday
Samuel R. DelanyThe Einstein IntersectionAce Books
Piers AnthonyChthonBallantine Books
Chester AndersonThe Butterfly KidPyramid Books
Robert SilverbergThornsBallantine Books
1969John BrunnerStand on ZanzibarDoubleday
Alexei PanshinRite of PassageAce Books
Samuel R. DelanyNovaDoubleday
R. A. LaffertyPast MasterAce Books
Clifford D. SimakThe Goblin ReservationGalaxy Science Fiction
1970Ursula K. Le GuinThe Left Hand of DarknessAce Books
Robert SilverbergUp the LineBallantine Books
Piers AnthonyMacroscopeAvon Publications
Kurt VonnegutSlaughterhouse-FiveDelacorte Press
Norman SpinradBug Jack BarronAvon Publications
1971Larry NivenRingworldBallantine Books
Poul AndersonTau ZeroDoubleday
Robert SilverbergTower of GlassCharles Scribner's Sons
Wilson TuckerThe Year of the Quiet SunAce Books
Hal ClementStar LightAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
1972Philip José Farmer*To Your Scattered Bodies GoPutnam Publishing Group
Ursula K. Le GuinThe Lathe of HeavenAmazing Stories
Anne McCaffreyDragonquestBallantine Books
Roger ZelaznyJack of ShadowsThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Robert SilverbergA Time of ChangesGalaxy Science Fiction
1973Isaac Asimov*The Gods ThemselvesGalaxy Science Fiction
David GerroldWhen HARLIE Was OneBallantine Books
Poul AndersonThere Will Be TimeSignet Books
Robert SilverbergThe Book of SkullsCharles Scribner's Sons
Robert SilverbergDying InsideGalaxy Science Fiction
Clifford D. SimakA Choice of GodsPutnam Publishing Group
1974Arthur C. Clarke*Rendezvous with RamaGalaxy Science Fiction
Robert A. HeinleinTime Enough for LovePutnam Publishing Group
Larry NivenProtectorBallantine Books
Poul AndersonThe People of the WindAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
David GerroldThe Man Who Folded HimselfRandom House
1975Ursula K. Le Guin*The DispossessedHarper & Row
Poul AndersonFire TimeDoubleday
Philip K. DickFlow My Tears, the Policeman SaidDoubleday
Larry Niven/Jerry PournelleThe Mote in God's EyeSimon & Schuster
Christopher PriestInverted WorldGalaxy Science Fiction
1976Joe Haldeman*The Forever WarSt. Martin's Press
Roger Zelazny Doorways in the SandAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
Larry Niven/Jerry PournelleInfernoGalaxy Science Fiction
Alfred Bester The Computer Connection (also known as The Indian Giver)Berkley Putnam
Robert SilverbergThe Stochastic ManHarper & Row
1977Kate Wilhelm*Where Late the Sweet Birds SangHarper & Row
Joe HaldemanMindbridgeSt. Martin's Press
Frank HerbertChildren of DuneAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
Frederik PohlMan PlusThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Robert SilverbergShadrach in the FurnaceAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
1978Frederik Pohl*GatewayGalaxy Science Fiction
Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Forbidden TowerDAW Books
Larry NivenLucifer's HammerPlayboy Press
Jerry Pournelle
Gordon R. DicksonTime StormSt. Martin's Press
George R. R. MartinDying of the LightAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
1979Vonda N. McIntyre*DreamsnakeHoughton Mifflin
Anne McCaffreyThe White DragonDel Rey Books
C. J. CherryhThe Faded Sun: KesrithGalaxy Science Fiction
Tom ReamyBlind VoicesBerkley Putnam
1980Arthur C. Clarke*The Fountains of ParadiseVictor Gollancz Ltd
John VarleyTitanBerkley Putnam
Frederik PohlJemSt. Martin's Press
Patricia A. McKillipHarpist in the WindAtheneum Books
Thomas DischOn Wings of SongThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
1981Joan D. Vinge*The Snow QueenDial Press
Robert Silverberg Lord Valentine's CastleThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Larry NivenThe Ringworld EngineersGalileo Magazine of Science & Fiction
Frederik PohlBeyond the Blue Event HorizonDel Rey Books
John VarleyWizardBerkley Putnam
1982C. J. Cherryh*Downbelow StationDAW Books
Gene WolfeThe Claw of the ConciliatorTimescape Books
Julian MayThe Many-Colored LandHoughton Mifflin
Clifford D. SimakProject PopeDel Rey Books
John CrowleyLittle, BigBantam Books
1983Isaac Asimov*Foundation's EdgeDoubleday
C. J. CherryhThe Pride of ChanurDAW Books
Arthur C. Clarke2010: Odyssey TwoDel Rey Books
Robert A. HeinleinFridayHolt, Rinehart and Winston
Donald KingsburyCourtship RiteTimescape
Gene WolfeThe Sword of the LictorTimescape
1984David Brin*Startide RisingBantam Books
R. A. MacAvoyTea with the Black DragonBantam Books
John VarleyMillenniumBerkley Books
Anne McCaffreyMoreta: Dragonlady of PernDel Rey Books
Isaac AsimovThe Robots of DawnDoubleday
1985William Gibson*NeuromancerAce Books
David R. PalmerEmergenceBantam Books
Vernor VingeThe Peace WarBluejay Books
Robert A. HeinleinJob: A Comedy of JusticeDel Rey Books
Larry NivenThe Integral TreesDel Rey Books
1986Orson Scott Card*Ender's GameTor Books
C. J. CherryhCuckoo's EggDAW Books
David BrinThe PostmanBantam Spectra
Larry Niven/Jerry PournelleFootfallDel Rey Books
Greg BearBlood MusicArbor House
1987Orson Scott Card*Speaker for the DeadTor Books
Bob ShawThe Ragged AstronautsVictor Gollancz Ltd
William GibsonCount ZeroAsimov's Science Fiction
Vernor VingeMarooned in RealtimeAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
L. Ron HubbardBlack GenesisBridge Publications
1988David Brin*The Uplift WarBantam Spectra
George Alec EffingerWhen Gravity FailsArbor House
Orson Scott CardSeventh SonTor Books
Greg BearThe Forge of GodTor Books
Gene WolfeThe Urth of the New SunTor Books
1989C. J. Cherryh*CyteenWarner Books
Orson Scott CardRed ProphetTor Books
Lois McMaster BujoldFalling FreeAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
Bruce SterlingIslands in the NetArbor House
William GibsonMona Lisa OverdriveVictor Gollancz Ltd
1990Dan Simmons*HyperionDoubleday
George Alec EffingerA Fire in the SunDoubleday
Orson Scott CardPrentice AlvinTor Books
Poul AndersonThe Boat of a Million YearsTor Books
Sheri S. TepperGrassDoubleday
1991Lois McMaster Bujold*The Vor GameBaen Books
David BrinEarthBantam Spectra
Dan SimmonsThe Fall of HyperionDoubleday
Michael P. Kube-McDowellThe Quiet PoolsAce Books
Greg BearQueen of AngelsWarner Questar
1992Lois McMaster Bujold*BarrayarAnalog Science Fact & Fiction
Emma BullBone DanceAce Books
Anne McCaffreyAll the Weyrs of PernDel Rey Books
Joan D. VingeThe Summer QueenWarner Questar
Orson Scott CardXenocideTor Books
Michael SwanwickStations of the TideAsimov's Science Fiction
1993Vernor VingeA Fire Upon the DeepTor Books
Connie Willis*Doomsday BookBantam Spectra
Kim Stanley RobinsonRed MarsHarperCollins
Maureen F. McHughChina Mountain ZhangTor Books
John VarleySteel BeachAce Books/Putnam Publishing Group
1994Kim Stanley Robinson*Green MarsHarperCollins
Greg BearMoving MarsTor Books
Nancy KressBeggars in SpainMorrow AvoNova
David BrinGlory SeasonBantam Spectra
William GibsonVirtual LightBantam Spectra
1995Lois McMaster Bujold*Mirror DanceBaen Books
John BarnesMother of StormsTor Books
Nancy KressBeggars and ChoosersTor Books
Michael BishopBrittle InningsBantam Books
James K. MorrowTowing JehovahHarcourt Brace
1996Neal StephensonThe Diamond AgeBantam Spectra
Stephen BaxterThe Time ShipsHarperPrism
David BrinBrightness ReefBantam Books
Robert J. SawyerThe Terminal Experiment (also known as Hobson's Choice)Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Connie WillisRemakeBantam Spectra
1997Kim Stanley Robinson*Blue MarsHarperCollins Voyager
Lois McMaster BujoldMemoryBaen Books
Elizabeth MoonRemnant PopulationBaen Books
Robert J. SawyerStarplexAnalog Science Fiction and Fact
Bruce SterlingHoly FireBantam Spectra
1998Joe HaldemanForever PeaceAce Books
Walter Jon WilliamsCity on FireHarperPrism
Dan SimmonsThe Rise of EndymionBantam Spectra
Robert J. SawyerFrameshiftTor Books
Michael SwanwickJack FaustAvon Publications
1999Connie WillisTo Say Nothing of the DogBantam Spectra
Mary Doria RussellChildren of GodVillard Books
Robert Charles WilsonDarwiniaTor Books
Bruce SterlingDistractionBantam Spectra
Robert J. SawyerFactoring HumanityTor Books
2000Vernor VingeA Deepness in the SkyTor Books
Lois McMaster BujoldA Civil CampaignBaen Books
Neal StephensonCryptonomiconAvon Publications
Greg BearDarwin's RadioHarperCollins
J. K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanBloomsbury Publishing
2001J. K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Goblet of FireBloomsbury Publishing
George R. R. MartinA Storm of SwordsHarperCollins Voyager
Robert J. SawyerCalculating GodTor Books
Ken MacLeodThe Sky RoadTor Books
Nalo HopkinsonMidnight RobberWarner Aspect
2002Neil GaimanAmerican GodsWilliam Morrow and Company
Lois McMaster BujoldThe Curse of ChalionEos
Connie WillisPassageBantam Books
China MiévillePerdido Street StationMacmillan Publishers
Robert Charles WilsonThe ChronolithsTor Books
Ken MacLeodCosmonaut KeepOrbit Books
2003Robert J. SawyerHominidsAnalog Science Fiction and Fact
David BrinKiln People (also known as Kil'n People)Tor Books
Michael SwanwickBones of the EarthEos
China MiévilleThe ScarDel Rey Books
Kim Stanley RobinsonThe Years of Rice and SaltBantam Books
2004Lois McMaster Bujold*Paladin of SoulsEos
Dan SimmonsIliumEos
Charles StrossSingularity SkyAce Books
Robert Charles WilsonBlind LakeTor Books
Robert J. SawyerHumansTor Books
2005Susanna ClarkeJonathan Strange & Mr NorrellBloomsbury Publishing
Ian McDonaldRiver of GodsSimon & Schuster
Iain M. BanksThe AlgebraistOrbit Books
Charles StrossIron SunriseAce Books
China MiévilleIron CouncilDel Rey Books
2006Robert Charles Wilson*SpinTor Books
Ken MacLeodLearning the WorldOrbit Books
George R. R. MartinA Feast for CrowsVoyager Books
John ScalziOld Man's WarTor Books
Charles StrossAccelerandoAce Books
2007Vernor VingeRainbows EndTor Books
Charles StrossGlasshouseAce Books
Naomi NovikHis Majesty's DragonVoyager Books
Michael F. FlynnEifelheimTor Books
Peter WattsBlindsightTor Books
2008Michael Chabon*The Yiddish Policemen's UnionHarperCollins
John ScalziThe Last ColonyTor Books
Charles StrossHalting StateAce Books
Robert J. SawyerRollbackTor Books
Ian McDonaldBrasylPyr
2009Neil Gaiman*The Graveyard BookHarperCollins
Cory DoctorowLittle BrotherTor Books
Neal StephensonAnathemMorrow
Charles StrossSaturn's ChildrenAce Books
John ScalziZoe's TaleTor Books
2010Paolo Bacigalupi*The Windup GirlNight Shade Books
China MiévilleThe City & the CityDel Rey Books
Cherie PriestBoneshakerTor Books
Robert J. SawyerWakeAce Books
Catherynne M. ValentePalimpsestBantam Spectra
Robert Charles WilsonJulian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century AmericaTor Books
2011Connie Willis*Blackout/All ClearSpectra Books
Lois McMaster BujoldCryoburnBaen Books
Ian McDonaldThe Dervish HouseGollancz / Pyr
Mira GrantFeedOrbit Books
N. K. JemisinThe Hundred Thousand KingdomsOrbit Books
2012Jo Walton*Among OthersTor Books
George R. R. MartinA Dance with DragonsBantam Spectra
Mira GrantDeadlineOrbit Books
China MiévilleEmbassytownMacmillan Publishers / Del Rey Books
James S. A. CoreyLeviathan WakesOrbit Books
2013John Scalzi*RedshirtsTor Books
Kim Stanley Robinson2312Orbit Books
Mira GrantBlackoutOrbit Books
Lois McMaster BujoldCaptain Vorpatril's AllianceBaen Books
Saladin AhmedThrone of the Crescent MoonDAW Books
2014Ann Leckie*Ancillary JusticeOrbit Books
Charles StrossNeptune's BroodAce Books
Mira GrantParasiteOrbit Books
Larry CorreiaWarboundBaen Books
Robert Jordan/Brandon SandersonThe Wheel of TimeTor Books
2015Cixin Liu (Chinese)*The Three-Body ProblemTor Books
Katherine AddisonThe Goblin EmperorTor Books
Kevin J. AndersonThe Dark Between the StarsTor Books
Jim ButcherSkin GameRoc Books
Ann LeckieAncillary SwordOrbit Books
2016N. K. Jemisin*The Fifth SeasonOrbit Books
Naomi NovikUprootedDel Rey Books
Ann LeckieAncillary MercyOrbit Books
Neal StephensonSevenevesWilliam Morrow and Company
Jim ButcherThe Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut's WindlassRoc Books
2017N. K. Jemisin*The Obelisk GateOrbit Books
Charlie Jane AndersAll the Birds in the SkyTor Books
Becky ChambersA Closed and Common OrbitHodder & Stoughton
Cixin Liu (Chinese)Death's EndTor Books
Yoon Ha LeeNinefox GambitSolaris Books
Ada PalmerToo Like the LightningTor Books
2018N. K. Jemisin*The Stone SkyOrbit Books
John ScalziThe Collapsing EmpireTor Books
Kim Stanley RobinsonNew York 2140Orbit Books
Ann LeckieProvenanceOrbit Books
Yoon Ha LeeRaven StratagemSolaris Books
Mur LaffertySix WakesOrbit Books
2019Mary Robinette Kowal*The Calculating StarsTor Books
Becky ChambersRecord of a Spaceborn FewHodder & Stoughton / Harper Voyager
Yoon Ha LeeRevenant GunSolaris Books
Naomi NovikSpinning SilverDel Rey Books / Macmillan
Rebecca RoanhorseTrail of LightningSaga Press
Catherynne M. ValenteSpace OperaSaga Press
2020Arkady Martine*A Memory Called EmpireTor Books
Charlie Jane AndersThe City in the Middle of the NightTor Books
Tamsyn MuirGideon the Ninth Publishing
Kameron HurleyThe Light BrigadeSaga Press
Seanan Publishing
Alix E. HarrowThe Ten Thousand Doors of JanuaryRedhook
2021Martha Wells*Network Publishing
Rebecca RoanhorseBlack SunSaga Press
N. K. JemisinThe City We BecameOrbit Books
Tamsyn MuirHarrow the Publishing
Susanna ClarkePiranesiBloomsbury Publishing
Mary Robinette KowalThe Relentless MoonTor Books
2022Arkady MartineA Desolation Called PeaceTor Books
Becky ChambersThe Galaxy, and the Ground WithinHarper Voyager/Hodder & Stoughton
Ryka AokiLight From Uncommon StarsTor Books/St Martin's Press
P. Djèlí ClarkA Master of Publishing/Orbit UK
Andy WeirProject Hail MaryBallantine Books/Del Rey Books
Shelley Parker-ChanShe Who Became the SunTor Books/Mantle Books
2023T. KingfisherNettle & BoneTor Books
Silvia Moreno-GarciaThe Daughter of Doctor MoreauDel Rey
John ScalziThe Kaiju Preservation SocietyTor Books
Travis BaldreeLegends & LattesTor Books
Tamsyn MuirNona the NinthTordotcom
Mary Robinette KowalThe Spare ManTor Books

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