Edward Julius Detmold – The Arabian Nights 1924


Edward Julius Detmold and his twin brother Charles Maurice Detmold were prolific Victorian book illustrators. They spent time with another uncle, the painter Henry E. Detmold, who encouraged them in their art. The twins subsequently mastered the techniques of watercolour etching and of colour printing with copper plates, buying a printing press and producing their own proofs at home.

In 1911 Detmold worked on illustrations for Maurice Maeterlinck’s “The Life of the Bee“, Camille Lemonnier’s “Birds and Beasts” and “The Book of Baby Beasts“. In the following year he worked on Maeterlinck’s “Hours of Gladness“, in 1915 on “Book of Baby Birds” and in 1919 on “Birds in Town and Village”. In 1919 he also produced a portfolio of “Twenty Four Nature Pictures” and in 1921 on “Our Little Neighbours” and Jean-Henri Fabre’s “Book of Insects“.

Edward Julius became one of the most talented of illustrators, depicting animals and plants with an extraordinary understanding, and making use of fantasy settings of architecture and landscape.

Presenting here is his masterpiece, the illustrations from the First edition of The Arabian Nights. Published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1924.


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