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Florence Mary Anderson – Illustrations from Valentine and Orson: The Twin Knights of France 1919

Florence Mary Anderson nee MacArthur (Molly MacArthur), the artist and stage designer, was born in London on 27th October 1893 and trained at the Westminster School of Art.  She married James Anderson on 15 February 1917, but appears to have used his name professionally from at least 1914.

She is best known as an illustrator of books mainly, but not exclusively, for children.  She illustrated at least thirty titles between 1914 and 1935, including The Dream Pedlar (1914), The Rainbow Twins (1919), China Clay by Trevor Blakemore (1922), Eleanor Farjeon’s Come Christmas (1927), Mumbudget, an Irish fairy-tale (1928) and Tribute (1925) in which her artwork accompanied her own writing.  She also contributed to nursery comics like Little Folks and Tiny Tots as well as Cassell’s Children’s Annual and Cassell’s Family Magazine.

Presenting the illustrations  from the First edition of Valentine and Orson: The Twin Knights of France. Published by Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, London, 1919.

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