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Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel Winners

Locus Award
Locus Award

The Locus Awards are an annual set of literary awards by the science fiction and fantasy magazine Locus, a monthly based in Oakland, California, United States. The award winners are selected by polling magazine readers.

The awards are presented at an annual banquet. The publishers of winning works are honored with certificates, which is unique in the field.

The Locus list was inaugurated in 1971 for publication year 1970 and was originally more of a list than an award, intended to predict the Hugo Awards, and then to provide suggestions and guidance for them.

Winners of the Locus Award for Best SF Novel, awarded by the Locus magazine. Awards presented in a given year are for works published in the previous calendar year.

The award for Best Science Fiction Novel was first presented in 1980, and is among the awards still presented. Previously, there had simply been an award for Best Novel. A similar award for Best Fantasy Novel was also introduced in 1980.

Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel Winners

Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel
YearBook TitleAuthorPublisher
1978GatewayFrederik PohlSt. Martin's Press
1980TitanJohn VarleyBerkley Books
1981The Snow QueenJoan D. VingeDial Press
1982The Many Coloured LandJulian MayHoughton Mifflin
1983Foundation's EdgeIsaac AsimovDoubleday
1984Startide RisingDavid BrinBantam Books
1985The Integral TreesLarry NivenDel Rey Books
1986The PostmanDavid BrinBantam Books
1987Speaker for the DeadOrson Scott CardTor Books
1988The Uplift WarDavid BrinBantam Spectra
1989CyteenC. J. CherryhWarner Books
1990HyperionDan SimmonsDoubleday
1991The Fall of HyperionDan SimmonsDoubleday
1992BarrayarLois McMaster BujoldBaen Books
1993Doomsday BookConnie WillisBantam Spectra
1994Green MarsKim Stanley RobinsonSpectra/Bantam Dell/Random House
1995Mirror DanceLois McMaster BujoldBaen Books
1996The Diamond AgeNeal StephensonBantam Spectra
1997Blue MarsKim Stanley RobinsonSpectra/Bantam Dell/Random House
1998The Rise of EndymionDan SimmonsBantam Books
1999To Say Nothing of the DogConnie WillisBantam Spectra
2000CryptonomiconNeal StephensonAvon
2001The TellingUrsula K. Le Guin Harcourt
2002PassageConnie WillisBantam Books
2003The Years of Rice and SaltKim Stanley RobinsonBantam Books (US) Harper Collins (UK)
2004IliumDan SimmonsHarper Collins
2005The Baroque Cycle (i.e. Quicksilver; The Confusion; The System of the World)Neal StephensonWilliam Morrow
2006AccelerandoCharles StrossOrbit (UK), Ace (US)
2007Rainbows EndVernor VingeTor Books
2008The Yiddish Policemen's UnionMichael ChabonHarper Collins
2009AnathemNeal StephensonWilliam Morrow
2010BoneshakerCherie PriestTor Books
2011Blackout/All ClearConnie WillisSpectra
2012EmbassytownChina MiévillePan Macmillan
2013RedshirtsJohn ScalziTor Books
2014Abaddon's GateJames S. A. CoreyOrbit Books
2015Ancillary SwordAnn LeckieOrbit Books
2016Ancillary MercyAnn LeckieOrbit Books
2017Death's EndLiu Cixin
2018The Collapsing EmpireJohn ScalziTor Books
2019The Calculating StarsMary Robinette Kowal[1]Tor Books
2020The City in the Middle of the NightCharlie Jane AndersTor Books
2021Network EffectMartha WellsTor Books

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