C.L. Hinton – Under the Trees 1902

hinton-trees01I’ve been quite busy with work lately, didn’t have much time to take care of my site at all. So over Thanksgiving  long weekend, I took a bit of time out of the mundane turkey diner to bring you a new set of illustrations from a new illustrator to our gallery. The book Under the Trees, illustrated by C.L Hinton, first published in 1902 by Dood & Mead Co. The illustrations remind me of the great Burnes-Jones and certainly been influenced from the Pre-Raphaelites illustrators.

We’re also slowly approaching a new milestone, 3000 illustrations, each carefully scanned by hand. The number of users have increased tremendously over that past three months. Sadly, still not a single case of support from any collectors out there. All I need is to borrow some of the books in your collection, scan it and share it. My resources is limited, both financially and time. So hopefully, one of you will contribute to make it a better place for all.

-Minh Lai

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