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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Book Series Collector’s Guide

Mildred Wirt Benson (Nancy Drew's Writer) Many writers of popular culture have speculated about the success of the Nancy Drew series. It is the longest enduring girls series by many years. The first mystery. The Secret of the Old Clock, was first published in 1930. The closest competitor in both

Ruth-Fileding Books

Ruth Fielding Book Series Collector’s Guide

Ruth Fielding at the Lighthouse Point (1913) During the early years of the 20th century, the most popular girls’ series was Ruth Fielding by Alice B. Emerson, which lasted from 1913 to 1934 and included thirty books. This is the series that was the inspiration for all the others included

Hardy Boys

The Hardy Boys Book Series Collector’s Guide

The Hardy Boys books celebrated their Diamond Jubilee in the year 2002. The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories by Franklin W. Dixon is the first boys’ series in which the leading characters began as detectives, rather than drifting into it, as did earlier Edward Stratemeyer heroes such as the Rover Boys.

Clair Bee - Chip Hilton

Chip Hilton Book Series Collector’s Guide

Clair Bee’s Chip Hilton series is probably the finest boys’ books about sports ever published. They are also among the best books of all boys’ series. Surprisingly, girls also enjoyed the Chip Hilton books. Clair Bee Coach Clair Bee was born March 2, 1896; he died May 20, 1983. The

Tom Swift and the Galaxy Ghosts #33

Tom Swift Jr. Book Series Collector’s Guide

Tom Swift and the Galaxy Ghosts #33. First edition. From 1954 to 1978 Grosset & Dunlap published another Edward Stratemeyer series of Tom Swift books. This set was called The New Tom Swift Jr. Adventures and was “by Victor Appleton II.” In the stories, Tom Jr. is the son of

Tom Swift - Sky Train

Tom Swift Book Series (1910-1935) Collector’s Guide

Tom Swift and his Sky Train (#34) - Victor Appleton Tom Swift is one of Edward Stratemeyer’s most famous inventions. The series lasted essentially from 1910 until the mid-1990s, rivaling the Bobbsey Twins for longevity. There are five distinct sets of Tom Swift books. Tom Swift of the first series

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