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Selyham Pastel - Cecil Aldin

Cecil Aldin Illustrated Books Checklist

Cecil Charles Windsor Aldin (1870 – 1935), was a British artist and illustrator best known for his paintings and sketches of animals, sports, and rural life. Aldin executed village scenes and rural buildings in chalk, pencil and also wash sketching. He was an enthusiastic sportsman and a Master of Fox

dulac sleeping03

Edmund Dulac Illustrated Books Checklist

Edmund Dulac (born Edmond Dulac; 22 October 1882 – 25 May 1953) was a French British naturalised magazine illustrator, book illustrator and stamp designer. Born in Toulouse he studied law but later turned to the study of art at the École des Beaux-Arts. He moved to London early in the

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Edward J. Detmold Illustrated Books Checklist

Edward Julius Detmold and his twin brother Charles Maurice Detmold were prolific Victorian book illustrators. They spent time with another uncle, the painter Henry E. Detmold, who encouraged them in their art. The twins subsequently mastered the techniques of watercolour etching and of colour printing with copper plates, buying a printing press

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Kay Nielsen – Illustrations for Fairy Tales by Hans Andersen 1924

Kay Rasmus Nielsen (March 12, 1886 – June 21, 1957) was a Danish illustrator who was popular in the early 20th century, the "golden age of illustration". He joined the ranks of Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac in enjoying the success of the gift books of the early 20th century. Nielsen

H.J. Ford Art

Henry J. Ford Illustrated Books Checklist

Henry Justice Ford (1860–1941) was a prolific and successful English artist and illustrator, active from 1886 through to the late 1920s. Sometimes known as H. J. Ford or Henry J. Ford, he came to public attention when he provided the numerous beautiful illustrations for Andrew Lang's Fairy Books, which captured

Peter Pan F.D. Bedford

Francis Dunkin Bedford Illustrated Books Checklist

Francis Donkin Bedford (1864–1954), also known as F. D. Bedford, was a British artist and illustrator. He was born in Notting Hill and lived in London. He painted genre scenes and exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1892. F.D. Bedford's works include illustrations for A Book of Nursery Rhymes (1897),

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