Top 10 Most Beautiful Illustrated Books

Adding to the recent Top 10 Golden Age Illustrators is the Top 10 most Beautiful Illustrated Books. With so many books that I do not have access to or known of, it’s certainly incomplete. I’m limiting the list to what I have or have seen. They represent the best among the Golden Age Illustrators and you can easily see why.

  1. East of the Sun, West of the Moon – Kay Nielsen
  2. Peter Pan in Kensington Garden – Arthur Rackham
  3. La Morte d’Arthur – Aubrey Beardsley
  4. Les Quatres Fils d’Aymon – Eugene Grasset
  5. The Ship that Sailed to Mars – Wiliam Timlin
  6. Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales – Harry Clarke
  7. Die Nibelungen – Carl Oto Czeschka
  8. Knave of Hearts – Maxfield Parrish
  9. Elves and Fairies – Ida Rentoul Outhwaite
  10. Mother Goose – W.W. Denslow

There are so many others books that I do not know about an can be added to this list or expand upon. If you have any suggestions and access to the original material that I can borrow, please contact me.

Thanks you in advance,

-Minh Lai


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